Referral Program

The API3 referral scheme has been created to harness the potential of our robust ecosystem and community partners to support the growth objectives of the DAO.


At the heart of API3's success is a collaborative network of contributors, clients, and influencers, each playing a pivotal role in expanding the reach and impact of API3's oracle technology. API3 DAO seeks to incentivize the growth of dAPIs by introducing a referral scheme. This program rewards affiliates for successfully introducing a DeFi protocol that leads to an integration of a dAPI price feed.

How does the referral scheme work?

  1. Introduction to a qualified dApp: $500 API3

  2. Integration of qualified dApp: $2500 API3

An introduction to a dApp is defined as an introduction to a decision maker withing a DeFi protocol that meets the below qualification. A dAPI Integration is defined as a DeFi protocol that is reading a dAPI within their contracts and can be verified on-chain.

For a dApp to qualify they will need to be:

  • A DeFi protocol requiring oracles with over $500k TVL

  • Actively building and have an active team

  • Open to basic ecosystem marketing such as adding API3 into docs and listing on

How can I get started?

Resources have been created to ensure affiliates of API3 DAO are set up to succeed with referrals. Within this space you will find information on:

  • Understanding Your Role: A clear outline of what it means to be a referee in our program and how to get started.

  • Target Audience Identification: Insights on identifying who you can successfully refer to our network.

  • Support Materials: Access to a wealth of resources designed to aid you in your referral efforts.

  • Effective Promotion Tactics: Define strategies for efficiently spreading the word and making impactful referrals, engage the API3 team for support.

  • Onboard dApps For Rewards: Within this space you report and validate your integrations to access payments.

Head to the Partner Onboarding section to get started.


We look forward to hearing from you, please share any questions with

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